Mitsubishi Mirage : Old Vs New

  • Apr 11, 2016

We recently saw the first official presence of the face lifted Mitsubishi Mirage at the Manila International Auto Show, and will replace the 2015 model that is still available for sale in the country. The Mirage is available in both compact-hatchback and B-class sedan models and has made quite a name due to its superior handling and high fuel efficiency. These traits along with the compact body size has made the Mirage one of the most loved cars in the segment. Already present in the neighboring countries such as Indonesia and Thailand, the 2016 model has been further updated on both looks and technology and totally stands out from the older version. If you love city cars and have been impressed by the new Mirage’s updated looks, here are a few things that sets it apart from its predecessor.

Mirage Face

Fresh New Face

The old Mirage was sure a great looking car, but the manufacturers are well aware of the quickly changing tastes and weren’t afraid of quickly adapting. The new Mirage looks like a brand new car from the very first look and appears quite different. The new face cluster features a new housing for the headlamps and is now available with bi-xenon lights. The front now features a much wider honeycomb grille that bears the Mitsubishi emblem. The bottom radiator mesh is also presented with a new design and chrome garnish that give a sporty look to the car.

Mirage Rear

Rear Looks Fresh Too

Although the vehicle dimensions and design remain more or less the same, the engineers at Mitsubishi have managed to make the vehicle appear pretty fresh by making some minor yet key changes. The tail lamp clusters are brand new and are powered by LEDs and shedding down the gaudy looking chrome that was present on the old model. The rear bumper is also new and contains reflector panels on either side.

Mirage Interior

Enhanced Interior Comfort

The 2015 Mirage was surely a feature heavy car and had tonnes of tech that were missing with its competitors. But with the new 2016 model, the manufacturers have raised the bar even further and presented one of the most upmarket vehicle in the segment. The features such as start/stop button, automatic climate control and touch-screen infotainment system remain the same. However new additions such as ‘Fast-Entry’ and Cruise control are never seen before features that have been added to the all-new Mirage and will certainly help entice new customers. The steering wheel is also provided with controls for audio and a Bluetooth enabled handsfree system. The audio system is also powered by 300 watt Rockford Fosgate speakers that provide a crisp and clear sound, with subwoofer and amp to provide tonnes of musical fun while driving.

Mirage Safety

Safer Than Ever

Safety has always been one of the major cornerstones of Mitsubishi brand, and the Mirage is a testament to this fact with its RISE body architecture that maintains high levels of occupant safety in case of collisions. The older variant was provided with dual SRS airbags for the front passengers, but with the 2016 Mirage the number of airbags has been increased to a total of 7 Airbags that will ensure maximum protection for the occupants. Alongside the standard Anti-lock Braking System with EBD, an Active Stability Control mechanism has also been added to provide maximum traction and stability while driving. A rear view camera also works pretty neat at helping the driver park the car with ease.

The new 2016 Mirage is certainly a class above the older model and other cars in the segment. Although it still faces a tough competition from the Honda Brio, which also possesses similar features and enhanced luxury.

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