Auto Brand Facts That’ll Make Your Jaw Drop For Sure

  • Apr 14, 2016

MANILA: Are you an auto freak? Do cars fascinate you more than anything else in the world? Are you crazy about auto shows happening around the globe to witness what’s new brands have to offer? Hope your crazy love towards cars or automobiles isn’t just limited to a particular brand or just the final makes. The question here is how much do you know about auto brands? If you really call yourself an autogeek then you’d probably have deep knowledge about behind the scenes stories of your favorite brands. Here we have compiled a list of awesome facts about different automotive brands that’ll certainly make your jaw drop. Have a glimpse of the same below and flaunt with the same facts in your peer auto-fans group.

german car brand logo


  • Did you know? This German brand didn’t designed its very first car. Clueless, isn’t it? Yes, we aren’t fooling around, the first car under the brand name BM, which saw light as the Dixi that wasn’t designed by the company rather an American Motor Company, Austin. It designed and developed the chassis for the car, which was used for other global auto brands under a licensed agreement.

  • BMW set the record for the fastest motorcycle in 1937. From not designing its first car to registering a record for the fastest motorcycle was magical from the Germans. Back in 1937, it was able to touch a blistering speed of 173.7 mph.

car brand logo


  • The American company was the first Green company in the world not because it was first to develop environment-friendly cars, but due to its factories. The Ford factories until 1939 were powered by human and animal manure. This was a tremendous move by the company to go green at that point of time.

  • Another interesting and unknown fact about Ford is that it used to buff up the vehicles with Ostrich feathers in order to make sure that there isn’t any extra static electricity on them once they were rolled out of the factories.

automotive brand logo


  • Being the luxury division of Japanese auto marque, Toyota, Lexus took quite some time to launch its cars in the home, Japan. Marking its existence in the automotive world back in 1989, Toyota didn’t sell cars in Japan until 2005.

  • While developing the first model, Lexus reached to Yamaha for HELP! They wanted to tune the sound of the car’s engine and Yamaha reacted positively to the offer.

auto brand symbol


  • The luxury automaker from Britain hasn’t produced cars straight away. They entered the world of automobile with motorcycle sidecars before producing their first ever passenger car.

  • The XK DOHC (Dual Overhead Camshaft) in-line six-cylinder saw the light back in 1949 while it took 43 years to make it eventually work in real. It was finally manufactured in 1992.

aston martin

Aston Martin

  • The luxury sports car British manufacturer, Aston Martin had multiple owners, to be precise 11 in total. Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford were the two founders of the iconic brand, who unfortunately left the company back in 1926 and 1920 respectively. In the past 120 years, different owners had a chance to own this brand. Currently, Aston Martin is owned by Ford Motors.

  • Have you ever had a deeper and closer look to the Vanquish’s tail lights? If not, then have a look and you’ll notice that the strikes inside the rear lamps are similar to that on the logo.

rolls royce symbol

Rolls Royce

  • Did you know that how much the lady on the hood of a Rolls Royce cost? It is worth $40 million. Yes, you read that correct, BMW paid the same aforementioned amount as a permission to produce the same logo, the Spirit of Ecstasy when the brand bought Rolls Royce back in 2002.

  • It has been a legendary brand and till date around 65% of Rolls-Royce ever manufactured are still on the road, which certainly is an eye-popping fact.

Volkswagen logo


  • Did you know that every 10th car sold in the world is a VW manufactured car. It is due to the fact that it holds a dominating position in the world of automobile as it owns companies like Audi, Porsche, Bentley, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Skoda and more.

  • It’s classical model, Beetle lasted for 65 long years. The company manufactured this car from 1938 to 2003 and produced a total of 21,529,464 units in the same period.

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